Religious Education

RSHE Curriculum Statement

At Carlinghow Academy we recognise that our children have limited exposure to other faiths, beliefs and cultures and feel that it is our responsibility to promote equality, acceptance and respect of others regardless of their beliefs or contrasting views.

We aim to create learners that are equipped for the future with skills such as independence, resilience, motivation, community cohesion and respect preparing them for the diverse Britain that we live in today. We challenge our children to become the best that they can be. High expectations, standards and values are promoted throughout the school and within all lessons.

Our R.E curriculum is delivered through the locally agreed Kirklees syllabus. The agreed syllabus is designed to ensure that every year group covers two world religions per year group ensuring that all religious including non-religious beliefs have been covered in depth by the end of Year 6.

In the Agreed Syllabus, the following religions have been selected for study:

  • Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism

In order to promote a positive and inclusive school ethos that champions democratic values and human rights we support children:

  • To be able to provoke challenging questions
  • To explore their own beliefs
  • To build their sense of identity and belonging
  • To develop respect for others
  • To consider their responsibilities

We further embed this knowledge and understanding through R.E days, assemblies, visits and visitors


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