Additionally Resourced Provision

Welcome To The Additionally Resourced Provision at Carlinghow Academy

The Additionally Resourced Provision at Carlinghow Academy is a new provision that forms part of the Kirklees SEND transformation plan. The main benefit of the provision is that it is situated in a main stream school meaning that children who attend the ARP have all the benefits and experiences of main stream provision alongside a bespoke curriculum that is in line with their EHCP targets.

Many children and young people with additional learning needs can make better, more sustained progress when they attend mainstream schools. An ARP is a provision in a mainstream school, designed to provide specialist and targeted support for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

  • Teaching and support staff with additional knowledge, skills, expertise and allocated time in a particular area of SEND.
  • Specialist environments which support the learning, behaviour and social and emotional needs of each pupil.
  • Systems to identify, plan for and track small-step progress to inform next steps.
  • Access to lessons in mainstream classes, but with additional specialist resources and teaching.
  • Additional Educational Psychologist and specialist health input as necessary.
  • Accommodation and environment that is adapted to meet need.

Much of our focus within the provision is in line with the goal that all children will be successfully reintegrated back in to mainstream school, where they will be equipped with the skills necessary to take their place in the world as the very best possible version of themselves.

Requests for a place at an ARP or Specialist setting must be made via an EHCP and it must be highlighted on the review paperwork that there is a request for a specialist placement.  See EHCP reviews for more information on completing EHCP reviews. (opens link in new window) In order to request a placement, additional advice / evidence will be required from external professionals involved such as EP, SALT or Outreach staff (along side any other professionals involved).

Mrs. Lindsey McManamin

Assistant Principal and Teacher-In-Charge of the ARP